Beatitful Day

Written by Emma on February 27th, 2005

Oh look! Another post!!
Today was wonderful! I had lunch with my lovely AJ at Jason’s Deli, and then went with him to Best Buy and Barnes and Nobles, where we drooled over Half Life 2 and some books. We then drove back to campus and took a nap in the parking lot before we woke up and I decided I wanted Ben & Jerry ice cream.. so off we went back to Round Rock for ice cream, and found a place called ‘Nothing but Noodles’… which sounded very appetizing to me. Then we drove back to campus, talked a little, and he had to head home, which was really sad : (. So I came in, watched some Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, and then uploaded some pictures to some online gallary I just started. Then I had a big decision to make. I hadn’t had any dinner, but I wanted to go to Nothing but Noodles, but I was afraid that if I left, I wouldn’t ever find a parking space, since everybody comes back to campus on Sundays. Anyway, we decided to go quickly and get our food to go, and hope for the best. So we went to Nothing but Noodles, and ordered, and got our food super fast. Within about 5 minutes of ordering. It was insane. So we piled into my car and I raced back to campus, praying for a parking space and screaming at all the red lights (actually we did that on the way to Nothing but Noodles, too), and while all this was going on, I had my car tuned into the TV radio station (to provide stereo sound or something.. 87.7FM, the lowest I can tune to in my car.. it’s KXAN 36 (NBC)) and Law and Order came on!!! So we were listening, and getting into the story, and then we got back to campus. I raced around the parking lot, but there were no spaces!! Should I make another loop around or go for a further away spot?? I pulled into the second row of cars for one last look just as some girls walked in front of me. Were they on their way to the gym or getting in their car?? A parked truck’s reverse lights came on! YEY! I was almost past the truck but I slammed on the breaks, shifted to reverse, and shot backwards a few feet. Turned on my indicator, and we waited for what seemed like forever before they pulled out and drove off. Score for Emma!! And Law and Order was on a commercial break, too! So we raced up the room! We had food! We had a parking space! The show was on a commercial break! And, as I found the channel it was on, it started raining, thundering, and lightning! A perfect atmosphere!! I ate my (very good) noodles, watched Law and Order.. watched another Law and Order: SVU that was extremely good (about ‘the RDK killer’, based off that whatsit killer who they just caught here), and ate some of the chocolate covered cherries that AJ brought me. Now I’m probably going to get ready for bed and head to bed, since I could use the sleep. Yey for a wonderful day, and thank you AJ!!

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