Written by Emma on June 9th, 2004

I Told You I’d Get That Trinity Costume, Oh Ye of Little Faith

So last week we held our party-thing for Katie’s big one-nine, and it was really complicated. Basically, we secretly got Katie’s mom a note to give her at 6:15pm with the beginning of this ‘fairytale story’ about ‘princess katie’ and giving her hints leading her to ‘the gap of dispair’ (the gap in the Square of Lincoln), where she met up with emily, the muse of poetry, who gave her a present and another note, leading her to (picture of bedroom) (picture of bathroom) and beyond (bed, bath, and beyond). Here, Sean tbe Sorcerer was waiting with another present and another note, this one continuing the story (they all did) and leading her to the Palace (Starbucks in the forest of Collins) where King AJ awaited (awote!) with yet another present and another note, this one leading her to Barnes and Nobles (Barnes and Nobles). Here a visitor from the future was there to greet her, aka ME!! I had, of course, a present and a note, this one with clues of a place where she might find a leather corset and fishnet stockings.. (the whore store, aka, electrique boutique). Here was Kathy the Temptress with her little gift, as shown in the picture. The final note told her to set sail to the One Pier (pier one) and there she found her Chris, the knight in shining armour/true love. Then we all had dinner at fridays. Yum.

The whole thing took about two hours and a lot of waiting for those of us not first. Luckily, I, being in barnes and nobles, didnt have it hard at all. Only Kathy and I dressed up, everyone else had ‘hello my name is: (muse of poetry, sorcerer, king, knight in shining armour/true love)’ stuck on their regular clothes. Dressing up was great fun, i loved getting to use my new trinity jacket (see that pvc shine!!) over a normal spaghetti strap and black pants.. and my awesome black boots. Oh.. and a borrowed pair of sunglasses : ). (though.. note what kathy and katie are wearing and note what i’m wearing… pvc, long pants, and leather shoes.. luckily, i’m still alive)

After fridays, we all went back to emily’s to have the picture cake (picture of katie, of course) and swim in her pool. it was great fun!!

quick detail on pictures:

[picture 1] – oh hellz yea, i am trinity!! i wish i could wear this every day, though i did get some strange looks in b&n..; (btw, it’s supposed to be off center.. i’m modelling with the ‘whores’)

[picture 2] – This is just a close up of my jacket.. it’s so shiney..

[picture 3] – Kathy the tempress, Katie, and Kathy’s rather raunchy present (bwahahha!!) (<-- best picture of kathy ever)

[picture 4] – A close up of my boots, and my new way of wearing my phone due to no other place to put it.

i have some other pictures of people, but i know my site is already high graphic, so i didnt want to push people’s patience.. if you would like to see some more pictures let me know and i’ll set up another page with more. tata!  Posted by Hello

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