Written by Emma on June 1st, 2004

Actually, I’m Still Alive

er… wazzup. i’ve been rather busy the last week, with graduation and parties and hanging out with friends.. and visiting relatives.. so i’ve not updated in quite a while and i apologise.

firstoff, i’m going to ignore the fact that anybody has modified their site and not change any links on the side because i’m lazy.

secondly, after only having ever seen south park about 3 times in my life, i was given seasons 1 through 4 on cd, and at while on the afore-mentioned relative-visiting-trip, watched them pretty much non-stop. I HAVE SOUTH PARK POURING OUT OF MY EARS. the theme song has been permanently engrained into my head. so far, i do not like mr hankey, because his voice is annoying and his eyes are creepy. i do not like terrance and phillip because they are very repetative and not so funny. i do like jesus christ because he’s so… normal. i do like saddam hussain because he is funny, and i do like ike because his voice is cool. i also think wendy sounds like a chipmonk. oh yea, and i like ned because his voice is cool. so far i’ve been kept very amused, but i only watched the whole of the terrance and phillip ‘not without my anus’ special to find out who cartman’s dad was.. and i thought it sucked (all that time with terrance and phillip, that is). oh well. probably most of you guys dont remember most of this.. since it was season 1 and 2.

thirdly, i am really excited about my new car (as mentioned and shown below), though there’s some stuff that has to happen before i actually GET the car.. in order to pick it up, my dad must have wired over the money, and in order to wire the money, i must give him the go-ahead, and to give him the go-ahead, i must have inspected the car one last time, and in order to inspect the car, they must have finished installing the 6-cd changer and cleaned the car up, and in order to do that, they must get… get busy. and it’s been memorial day weekend so i kindof doubt they’ve been too busy. oh well, a few days is easy than enough to wait for my car, i am happy, and not at all minding the wait. i am going to christen it by driving it to get lemonsalt – i couldnt think of a more appropriate first trip. anyway, i’m all out of lemonsalt.

fourthly, i got some really cool graduation presents like lots of money, an electric kettle, a clock/cd/radio, sheets, big mugs (for tea), one of those big pillows that prop you up in bed, purple towels, and two cool books, one a leather bound copy of ‘grays anatomy’ (the really old famous one) and one a big color modern anatomy book. YEY!

fiftly, the party was great fun, and it was awesome to see old faces and not so old faces, and to watch movies, eat burgers, sit in the spa, and generally have a wonderful time. cleaning up kindof sucked since i did it at 3am, but eh. BY THE WAY!!:: we found what looks like a housekey with a piece of tape with the letter ‘C’ on it, and a quarter on the long couch near the tv… anybody claim it? let me know

sixthly, i’m tired, goodnight.

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