Packing, My Hidden Talent

Written by Emma on December 21st, 2007

I thought I’d write up a post saying that I’m feeling much better today. Well, maybe not much, but at least better. I’ve an excitingly super-busy morning of last-minute errands that had to be run, and after I finish my quick lunch, I’ll commence on the packing. Or at least the organizing for the packing. The difficulty, of course, is Xmas presents, which are going to take up an ass-load of space. And, then I’ll get dirty looks from everyone who finds out I’m only going for 2 weeks, and yet I have two bags and a huge-ass carry-on. And I can’t explain with ‘Christmas Presents’ because that would be ‘importing goods’ and they’d have to get a survey of all I’m bringing to see how much import tax I’m bringing. So, if my bags are searched (thankfully much less likely in the UK than in the US), I’m ready to explain how I’m bringing all this unopened things over ‘just to show’ and ‘for my own personal use’ and am totally taking them back to the US. And I’m ready to be searched roughly 6 gazillion times because my carry on will have more electronics in it than a Best Buy (laptop, 2 cameras, Wii, nano, DS, phone, backup phone, and all the hundreds of chargers, cords, transformers, and plug adapters that come with the above).

The only thing I like about packing is that it feeds my slightly OCD inner desire for organization. (This is usually overshadowed by my laziness, but does display itself in certain forms.) In real life, there are always loads of things that don’t really fit into good ‘categories’, so you have to stuff them somewhere. But when you’re packing, everything has a place. Clothes, toiletries, electronics, and, for this trip, presents. Then there will be a couple books, and probably a journal, but that’s such a small part, it’s hardly worth worry. Plus, books are nice and rectangular, so packing them is easy.

The difficult part of packing is organization, especially when travelling with valuables and breakables (ex: Christmas presents). Luckily I don’t really have breakables this year, but between presents and Wiimotes, I do have valuables. This means you have to wrap them up, cover them up, and generally hide them, which often messes up the symmetry of packing.

Well, I’d better go start selecting clothes to pack, which will be harder than usual, as I haven’t had to fetch out my cold-weather clothes yet this year, so they’re still…. who knows where : (.

Ah, well. At least I’m so used to packing that I’m pretty efficient at it.

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