Written by Emma on April 21st, 2004

I Am a Bad Teenager, Talking to Teenagers is like Talking to Walls, and I Hate Certain People

as you can see, I have much to cover in this post, so i certainly wont finish it this morning before i drove off to the hospital to face the class which has the highest ratio of Certain People I Hate. DAHHH! So, you’ll have to come back and see how i expand to this post as time goes by.

ok, firstly, Certain People I Hate.

as i already said, the majority of these people are in my HOSA class, or in the B-day HOSA class. I dont hate everyone in hosa, there are a few people in there that are pretty cool, like stephani, angela, jamie, tiffany (angela’s friend), and kammi. then there are also some people who i dont hate, but i’m just havent really befriended. AND THEN THERE ARE THE PEOPLE I HATE LIKE I HATE PEOPLE WHO DESTROY PURPLE THINGS.

to be continued.

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