Written by Emma on April 14th, 2004

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i feel like i did my good deed today by helping to erase the opening prayer from the HOSA banquet. no more shall the non-christian members of hosa have to sit through a long and often uncomfortable prayer when the contents of it can be expressed very nicely in a non-religious little speechy-thing without mentioning any particular religion. it’s not that i’m against praying.. i just think there’s no reason to make anyone feel uncomfortable right off the bat when you could be using that time and those words to make everyone feel a little happier and together instead of segregated.

contrary to what most people think, i’m not agnostic or athiest, i’m christian. well, something like christian anyway. maybe closer to jewish, i’m not sure. i believe there’s a god, and i think he’s really cool and has a very good sense of humor, but is also loving and stuff. i think there was a guy called jesus, but i dont really like him as much as i like god, because he seems very aloof and out of touch with the world, which i dont like in people. but he was a cool guy who did cool stuff so it’s not like i hate him, i just like god and purple a lot more. i believe there’s a heaven, and you make your own by how you act on earth. i dont think there’s a hell, because if you make your own heaven you dont need one, if you lived your life badly then your heaven is hell. my opinion on abortion is that it’s abused as a form of birth control and that people are given too long to figure out what they want to do. i think abortion costs should increase exponentially, thus discouraging people from getting a million of them. i also think that god wastes no lives. i think if you havnt lived long enough to understand the concept of your own mortality then you’ll simply be reborn, you wont be lost forever. maybe it was part of gods plan that you were aborted so your mother would learn some valuable lessons or something, you just dont know. i also think the bible, like the pirates code, is more like guidelines than actual rules. i think we need to look more carefully at the translations being done, because the changing of just one word (ex: ‘know’) can mean so much, especially with more modern ideas of what the word means. i also think we need to intrepret the lessons in the bible to fit today’s times (ex: music during services, as camerons posts talk about). i am as of yet undecided on the boundry between human choice and gods plans, but right now i’m happy doing doublethink and accepting both. also, i dont go to church on sunday and i’ve never been baptised (though i was christened as a baby).

obviously, because of all this, many christians have condemned me to hell. always a way to brighten someone’s day,

eh? : )

so, there will be no prayer at the hosa banquet this year. instead, we’re going to put an all-encompassing ‘thankful’ thingy into the welcoming spech (ex: we’re thankful for this wonderful year we’ve had in hosa and for having the opportunity to all gather her tonight to celebrate.. blah blah blah). i dont like public prayers because even though i’m christian-or-something-like-it, the prayers said publicly often seem so strict, so false, and so prepared and unrealistic (and often sappy) that i’m almost embarrassed to offer that to god. i mean, i wouldnt turn in something at school so conformist with my name on it, i’d be embarrassing myself, so why in the world would i want to do the equivilent to anyone? when i pray its from my heart in my own words and mostly feelings and abstracts that arent words. i think if i’m forcing people to privately pray at home about hosa it’s probably better because it’ll be truer and more sincere. even if people arent required to take part in a prayer, it’s a kind of instant segrigation, and often uncomfortable to those who choose not to take part. why not just avoid it? so often i feel that people who fight so hard to put prayers in public events are doing so simply because they have the right to do so and their church told them to. people dont get that fighting so hard to defend and promote your religion just makes people dislike you and your religious group more. (same thing goes with patriotism, btw). of course, there are some really cool strong christians out there that do not fall into this catagory and do not make people dislike their religion, but unfortunately there are many many more out there who give christianity a bad name.

sorry that was a kindof a random, jumpy post. probably gave some of you a glimpse of a lesser-seen emma. oh well, have fun.

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