Written by Emma on April 8th, 2004

i’m gone

i’m gone. again.

back sunday night. if i don’t die.

UPDATE: ok people, i apologise for the lack of posts recently. i’m just so damn busy and so damn tired. i am tired in every way there is to be tired. i’m sleep deprived, but i’m also just tired of thinking and wanting to do NOTHING for about 2 weeks. i’m just not a person who handles constant activity well. makes me wonder how i’ll make it through med school. sigh. anyway, i’m leaving in an hour to go to LA to meet up with my dad and stuff and tomorrow we go to disneyland/world/universe with kenneth and the twins. i guess that’ll be fun. i mean, it’s not spring break season anymore, and many religious people will be with family doing easter stuff, so the park (though not empty i’m sure) will maybe be less full than it might be when most go. i went to disneyland/world/universe in florida when i was like 7, but i only remember standing in line, and going on the earthquake ride because i thought it was real and i was really scared (as was elizabeth). we went with our dad on spring break for that. anyway, going with kenneth and the twins should be fun because they’ll enjoy it. i also found out (i think) that the pirates of the caribbean ride is in california, and i love that movie cuz it’s awesome so i guess going on the ride would be pretty cool. (ps – i do not love this movie simply for the reason that orlando bloom or johnny depp is in this movie. i like it cuz it’s a really fun movie to watch and makes me want to go be a pirate. arrr.)

so here’s the usual crap for me-going-away:

not taking laptop, dad would throw fit. taking cell phone, so im me at frzfre666 or call. but only call 9pm friday to 7am monday if you’re not tmobile cuz we’re low on minutes. also, if you call or im, remember my dad is insane, so i might not be able to answer the call or your im right away. dont throw a fit or think i dont like you, ok?? so no huffing when you next see me or getting in a mood. i’ll try and call you back but it might not be till i get back. so be patient. (i’m only typing this out of one past experience, i dont actually expect anyone to call.)

anyway, that’s all. i’ve got a shitload of hw and i’m so damn tired i would kill somebody to sleep right now. and no, for all those who are asking me, i am not excited to be going to california. should i be? i dont get it. i went there once when i was about 5 and all i remember is pressing the emergency stop in the elevator and getting in a shitload of trouble. i might be excited if i werent so tired and grumpy.

be back sunday night around 7pm after half a day on a plane due to time change.

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