Six Degrees of Uselessness

Written by Emma on December 13th, 2007

To All of You Who Have Joined the Group ‘Six Degrees of Separation’:

1 – You do realise that this group proves absolutely nothing related to the initial idea of any two people in the world being connected by 6 people, right? Because the population sample here – it’s kind of skewed – being that we’re all on a fucking social networking site. (And predominantly American, as well)

2 – You do realise that by just ME absolutely refusing to join this group, I am dooming you and the group to fail in your goal of ‘getting everyone on Facebook into one group’. Every person like me dooms you more.

Come on people, use your brains. What exactly did you think this group was going to do???

I laugh in the face of dooming you and your little group. And your little dog Toto, too.

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