Written by Emma on March 8th, 2004

I’m Going to be Sore Tomorrow…

so yea.. i just got back from my first time in a gym in four years… oh god i’m going to be so sore tomorrow i’m going to be in a freaking wheelchair.. *groans* . i’m so, so, so unfit, i know. and lazy too. but it didnt actually go as badly as i expected, so that was good. my confidence in being able to get back in some kind of shape (triangle? pentagon?) is not completely dashed to pieces on sharp pieces of broken bottles and rocks and knives and…. yea. i’m sure compared to all the other lamar girls there (luckily none that i really recognised) i sucked majorly, but i tried not to pay too much attention to how much better they were than me. i think, actually, for four years of sitting on my butt i didnt do bad at all.

so yes. i guess i’ll go back on thursday… uuuurrrgggghhhhh

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