Written by Emma on March 14th, 2004

It’s Like ER…. But Real

so while my parents and sister are gone at church, my blinds are stil drawn, and my computer screen lights my room with it’s white glow, i’ll make a long-delayed post.

first, i’ll backtrack to wednesday, an exciting day. it was exciting because it was my first time in surgery at AMH (arlington memorial hospital), so of course, i was up there very early impatiently waiting for mrs key to tell me i could run down and see what cool things were going on for me to observe. two other people and i went down there, but they only had one opening for a HOSA student (due to stupid UTA students crowding us out BLAH!! they also stole our uniform of navy blue scrubs, which we wear so people can tell we’re hosa students, they used to wear red or something but now they’re stupid and stole our color!!). anyway… the lady grabbed my arm and shoved me into the room and i was happy. so i moved forwards a bit in my light-blue AMH scrubs, hairnet, mask, and shoe covers (you have to do the whole changing clothes and surgical scrub thing to go into surgery) and peered at the scene where a doctor was cutting into someone’s wrist. the nurse told me it was a carpal tunnel operation, and then the anesthesiologist made me go stand way the hell over there so i couldnt see anything, which made me sad. the surgeons get to pick their own music for the OR (operating room), and this one was cool cuz he was playing a bunch of music like blink 182 and that ‘all star’ song and stuff. it was still pretty cool to look around and realise i was in an operating room like i’d seen a million times on tv, in the blue scrubs, watching the doctor cut into someone, just.. realising that this was so much what i wanted to do with my life. the tingles from realising i’m making my dream of being a doctor come true, slowly. and i’ll continue to do so till i’ve achieved it.

but the fun wasnt over yet. so they finished the operation since i’d come in like mid-op, so soon the patient was wheeled out and people came in to sanitize the room and mop the floor. me, i was forgotten about, so i stood there and watched some guy mop the floor, moving out of the way when he got to me so there wouldnt be a dirty circle where he’d mopped around me. then a circulating nurse came and decided to take responsibility for me, since i didnt even know where the hell i was (surgery is literally a maze, it’s way too damn easy to get completely lost down there). he told me the next case was going to be dirty (unsterile) and it’d be in about 15 minutes, so he took me to the staff break room so i could sit down while waiting (if there’s one thing you learn in clinical rotation, it’s how to stay on your feet very still for a very long time) so watched some news and then mrs key came in and told me that someone had told her i’d felt sick. i told her no way, i felt fine and was looking forwards to more. she took me out to the big board where they keep track of whats going on in each room and saw that one of her anesthesiologist friends was doing an appendectomy in room 11. so i elected to watch that, since it turned out the dirty case in the other room was just a hip draining, which would be intresting but not as exciting.

so i started following around this anesthesiologist, and he was really nice. he was really old, but very friendly, and he explained a lot, which are always the best kind of people to have on rotation. the doctor doing the surgery was running late, so i called my mom to tell her i’d be missing some of lunch,and to pick me up at 11:15 instead of 10:30. so i started following this guy as he prepped the 72 year old man with appendicitis for surgery, and suddenly they page Code Blue MET Stat room number something over the intercom. this is the code for a cardiac arrest, and it happens.. well not often, but it’s fairly common, i mean, it is a hospital with thousands of patients. so i’m used to hearing it and not paying much mind, since it usually doesnt affect me at all. but this old anesthesiologist guy takes off running so i just take off after him. he is one of the first people to arrive at the scene of the cardiac arrest thing and he starts helping as people start doing cpr and stuff. i stayed outside the room, since i figured they didnt need me breathing their air while trying to bring this guy back, but i watched through the door. MET arrived (medical emergency team) and of course the crash cart was wheeled inside the room (the thing with the the defibrillator on it). it was very intresting to watch them try to bring this guy back, but not anything like on tv. they were very, very calm and quiet and collected. no yelling at all, not even a yelled CLEAR when they did the defibrillating. after watching a trained nuse to cpr in real life i will now vouch for the fact that yes, cpr breaks ribs. there’s no way that guys ribs were that flexible. and no, i didnt hear them crack. the only thing that was kindof loud and like tv was when they got a pulse back. it wasnt loud, really, it was just.. murmered back and forth between everyone, like you do when you’re releaved with some news… ‘we got a pulse, we got a pulse, we got a pulse..’

so my anesthesiologist came out and said ‘c’mon’ and off we went. i watched the appendectomy and it was very cool. the nice anesthesiologist let me stand where i could see, and i saw the whole thing, which was just unbelievably awesome. i saw the appendix too.. it was all brown and grey and black and.. generally very nasty looking. those of you with non-weak stomachs can look here for a peek at what i saw, though this one seems very red, because my guy’s was obviously filled with brown-black crap (that probably literally was crap).

so yes, what a fun day. i liked it yey.

i am leaving on a jet plane on monday to go snowboarding in Santa Fe with my mom, and returning Friday afternoon, hopefully just in time for a LAN AT CAMERONS CHURCH. as of this post, it’s still tentative, so dont get too excited yet, but of course, all the usuals are invited. see cameron’s site for more details (coming soon, if lan approved).

i saw passion on friday and i thought it was good. i didnt cry, but one part brought me close (the part with jesus’s mom and memories of him as a kid, for those who’ve seen it). it bothered me that jesus still had all his teeth by the end, though. i kept watching for some of them to get knocked out, but they never did. they also kept switching between being covered in blood and being sparkly white. those were about my only qualms with the movie. it wasnt religiously pushy, just presenting a story. and the one that i saw did have previews, so i donno if they changed it since soph saw it or they dont care so much here in atown. o well.

so have a great spring break everybody! and do stuff. yey!

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