Written by Emma on March 16th, 2004

Snork Snork

Monday: woke up coughing with liquid dripping down my throat and into my lungs and stomach. it was a mega huge nosebleed. had trouble sleeping the rest of the night because i was afraid i would drown in my own blood.

woke up early and went to airport and flew to santa fe (WHICH IS IN NEW MEXICO PEOPLE!!) and stuff.

tuesday: got our stuff and i boarded all day. only fell down a lot of times, hit my butt really hard once, got a big bruise on my knee, and only flipped over once. did ok for my first day and second time ever snowboarding, i think. tomorrow i hope will be better. there’s a zillion people here from OU apparently, one of them told us it was the BSU or SBU trip? southern baptist or something like that, i think. any of your friends up here, drew? also stood in front of some guys in line for lunch that were talking about the american airlines center and the dallas stars, which made me think of aj and chris, and turns out they were from arlington, but we didnt talk to them much because they were college students, and stupid, and annoying. (not that all college students are, of course, but these ones were very stupid and annoying, in that college-student type way)

so yea. that’s about it. free hi-speed internet in the room, and aim on my phone works well and stuff, cept i dont get signal on most of the mountain once we start the drive up. we have about 10 minutes of signal half-way up, and then the only signal i get is on top of the mountain, which isnt the ideal time to check aim messages, but any that are waiting for me i get at the top, so i hear the little bzzrp bzzrp bzzrp noise tells me i’m getting them and i check them at the bottom.


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