Written by Emma on March 22nd, 2004

Statistics Can Prove Anything!… Even the Truth

so i just returned from my workout today, which didnt go very well, i dont think. i went too soon after eating, and for some reason or another, i’ve always been really sensitive to any kindof even very mild exertion after eating, so i couldnt run. i walked for a long time, and did ok, but i was pissed that i couldnt do more without very much pain (i tried) and felt like a lazy bum. i am trying to comfort myself with the thought i spent three days last week on a snoboard getting very much full body exercise (proven to me by sore muscles all over). so i spent some time on the weights and at least i improved from my last recorded efforts quite a bit there. so next time i’ll try again on the running and do the weights again.

i keep seeing people i know there. sometimes they’re people that are ok, so i dont mind so much, as long as they dont try and converse with me (so far no one has, thank god) but often they are people i dislike, thus it being not ok. yes, i know the gyms are all public and crap and i cant horde them all to myself (which i would dislike because then i couldnt hide amongst the strangers) but that wont stop me from being social-phobic.

so yea, i got back from Santa Fe alright and stuff, and it was fun. as mentioned above, i got many sore muscles from snoboarding, but i had a great time. maybe sometime when i’m not so lazy i’ll post some pictures, but i’m still pondering over whether i should, since they’re not very good.

I’ve finally followed through with my promise, and have put online the audio clip for Aroon, to make him feel better about his family : P. if it offends you, go overdose on some muscle relaxants and loosen up, cuz it’s hella funny and i dont think it should offend anybody, really. anyway, for your listening pleasure: (right click and save link/target as). If you like this one, let me know, and i’ll rip some others off this cd and share them with you.

i’ve decided i’m going to go to southwestern university, in georgetown, texas. i’m filling out my housing application and hopefully soon will be on my way. it’s about 40 miles north of austin, 2 1/2 hours south of arlington. if my dad doesnt throw a fit because i’m not going to wait to see if Wash U moves me from waiting list to accepted, then all should go smoothly.

my younger-older stepsister Rachel was diagnosed with cancer today, an 8 cm tumor in her lower back growing out of her spinal cord. She’s a junior at A&M;, and has had back problems for a long time, but because she was very athletic and a cheerleader, they thought it was just an old injury. they’re moving her to some specialist place in austin, i believe, cuz they cant help her in Ft Worth, sometime this week. so that was a sudden shock. i never really met her though, only once or twice.

I thought I had a lot more to say, but perhaps I dont. Oh well.

All lamar students be sure to attend RAGNAROK after school Wed, March 31st in the auditorium, with great bands such as Hamsterball and Silent Pulse playing! Buy tickets in advance for 4$ or 5$ at the door, be sure and bring your ID.

hm.. that’s all..

the 25th is a special day, anyone know why???

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