Written by Emma on February 22nd, 2004

You’re No Jesus
You’re No Elvis
You’re No Answer

so because of all the shit going on right now, since all this stuff started happening, my mom came in this morning right after i’d woken up and told me she was concerned because i’ve been home alone so much this last week. tis true, but all i want her to do is make sure that this week coming up i have plenty of microwave/oven food to eat (since i know i’ll be alone more). i donno. i dont mind being alone so much, i’m used to it. libby started playing soccer in the 5th grade and since then my mom and LA have spent lots and lots of time making sure they’re at her games and stuff, so i’m used to being alone a lot and making my own meals. but eh, whatever.

so my mom made it up to me today by having lunch with me and taking me shopping. i got some new jeans (which i need), some capris for spring, a black tank top, a beige spaghetti strap with little glittery things on it, and a prom dress. yes, a prom dress (and shoes). we just looked around casually but then i found one i thought looked neat, and showed it to my mom. she didnt really like it, but i told her i was going to try it on anyway, and did. well, it looked really awesome. there was a blue one that looked really cool, but it was so… ‘typical prom dress’ style, and this one is really kind unique and different, so i think i’ll be the only one there in it, or in something similar to it. so yes.

but yea. i donno. life’s just weird now. my dad might be coming on thursday and staying till sunday.. and i am actually not minding.. dare i say.. even hoping?!? he comes… i’m not sure why. i dont know, maybe saying ‘hoping’ is going too far. maybe it’s just because i know he’ll buy me things and pay attention to me. maybe i do crave attention. i dont know.

i’ve been meaning to get a lot of things done lately, but i have gotten none of them done. my room is still a mess. that’s my main goal, get my room livable in again. *sigh* i dont know. the weekends seem to pass so fast with so little getting done. usually i only get to finish what gets started or broken open on the weekend, which leaves me back on sunday night without having accomplished anything but remaining about the same as i was on friday night, except usually my room’s a bit more messy still.

i’m just kind of depressed right now, nothing seems to be working out.

life’s overrated.

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