Written by Emma on February 20th, 2004

Je voudrais dormir…

so here i am. awake. indeed. i ended up pulling an all-nighter to get the stupid english paper finished. i might post it just cuz i think the idea behind it is really neat, even if the paper ended up being jumbled, confusing, unsupported, and containing rather a large amount of ‘fluff’. but hey, i wrote it from about 5pm to 5am so give me some slack. my concentration was shot, thats why it took me so damn long. oh well. mrs bufkin better like it, or at least give me a half-decent grade. as long as i pass english, my caring for much else as far as that is concerned is very very itty-bitty.

i have a french test over future tense today. not too hard, for the most part, just take the ‘to’ form of the verb and add -ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ex, -ont (corresponding with je, tu, il/elle/on, nous, vous, ils/elles). the problem is that there’s about a zillion irregular verb stems i have to memorise.. the only one i can remember right now is aller.. it’s ir-… and er… oh yea, nettoyer is nettoier-… i think maybe faire is ferr-..? dahh. i’d better study. but when?? it’s 7th period is french. yesterday in orchestra i was happy cuz i realised i could say easily ‘je voudrais tu aller au supermarché demain, d’accord?’ which translates to ‘i would like you to go to the store (supermarket) tomorrow, ok?’ which i figure will be handy if i ever decide that my husband is going to learn french and we’re going to speak it so i can raise a cool bilingual child. also useful would be ‘Vas-tu au supermarché! Maintenant!’ (Go to the store! Now!). and, thanks to my mad french skillz from the last chapter, i can now give fashion and hair advice! hellz yea.

i also have a calc test. i’m pretty much screwed for this one, i’ve not had a spare moment to think about calc the amount i have to in order to do decently on his tests. hopefully lunch will allow me to be slightly enlightened.

i’ve gotten 14 hours of sleep in the last.. 93 hours. i’m pretty tired. by the end of my school day (no 8th period = 1:15) it’ll be about 99 hours with 14 hours of sleep. w00t i’m so falling asleep during my tests today….

well i’m off to school now to FAIL. i should have been studying my french verbs. damn you people for distracting me!

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