Written by Emma on February 19th, 2004

I Gots Me A Limeade, So Life Is Good

so yea.. life’s been weird this week. i’ve had bad day after bad day, and it doesnt look like they’ll be getting better till at least friday afternoon (when school gets out THANK GOD). it’s ranged from being left at lamar when my carpool drove off without me to having more nosebleeds (including one at lunch that made me about 30 minutes late for orchestra) to having 4 tests, a calc proj, and an english paper due in 2 days to even more strange and weird and bad things.

but i’m here, i’m alive, i’ve survived, and all (sarcasm) i have to do is write an english paper, study for french, and study for calc. yea….. i’m screwed. but you know, i have this luvly strawberry limeade from sonic that i got, so that brings happiness points. wow, i’m so going to fall asleep before i finish my english paper….

off i go to the land of english.. *sigh*

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