Written by Emma on January 6th, 2004


sup yo.

ahh.. so good to hear such a typical em greeting again, eh?

well i’m sittin around waitin to leave for school, listenin for cake, and despairing over the state of my train-wreck room. i got up at 5:30 this morning no prob, since that’s like 11:30am to me cuz of lovely jetlag. been going to bed at the horrifically late hour of 10:00pm – oh my! but since that’s 4am to me.. it’s all good.

So yup, i’m back. xmas.. well.. it was. but i’m happy to be back. i get to drive the car to school today and then drive myself to wherever i’m going doctors-office-wise.

Flight back was all good stuff.. we got an upgrade to… special world traveller.. economy plus or something.. gives you a little more space and reduces flight-attenance reaction time by 2 minutes. all our bags came through and all that good stuff. i’m unpacked, but my stuff is scattered all over, so my room is.. urgh. *shudders* i dont like it when my room is too messy for me. but i dont really see i’ll be having too much time to fix it.. i’m busy doing college crap and school stuff. (oo.. alliteration…) let’s see… not too much is happening.. i’ll prolly be going to my grandparents sometime but it doesnt bother me too much cuz i’ll be getting my yet-to-be-gotten xmas presents from my american family. i’m hoping for a tabers medical dictionary.. *drools*. a car was also hoped for but it’d be my dad to get me that methinks so chances of that are nil now.

it’s nice and cold here at last.. muahahaha.. i brought it back with me, arent you happy? i’m glad i didnt come back and go into shock because of the temperature change of about 50 degrees.

hm.. well this post will be finished after school, cuz i’m so happy not to have to rush to post about stuff, it’s nice to just talk to myself again.. *sigh* kinda like taking a shower here… so much hot water.. and it’s all mine… muahahah! no 6 other people to use it up… yey. and no twins banging on the door telling me to come play with them.. and no dad banging on the door telling me i’m being antisocial.. (in the shower..?) i took a super-long shower yesterday morning and enjoyed every minute of it.. which was lots of minutes.

life is lookin pretty up right now.. it wasnt really when i got back, but it is now. i donno, i always have bouts of weirdness right after i come back.. i think it’s just the insecurity of being thrown back into this world i’m so behind in, but now i feel again that i can tackle anything, and am settling back down just nicely.

ooo.. i really am so happy just writing to myself.. little bloggy, i didnt know how much i liked you ^.^

ok.. well i’d better go dash around the arlington roads and try to get meself a parking stick for lamar.. so i’ll continue this after l’ecole

vive la… er.. stuff!

memo to self, stuff to write about:

air marshalls



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