Written by Emma on January 1st, 2004

Life Eh?

hello i am alive.

we had a snowstorm the other night, and managed to get locked out of our house.. but libby climbed through the window and let us in. good thing too.. i can see the headlines: ‘family of 7 found frozen mere feet away from warmth and safety!’ .. hm.. yes..

so we went to allendale for newyears and watched people dance around with lit tar barrels on their heads and then throw the tar barrels on a huge bonfire. we then came home and built snowmen and had snowball fights at 2am.. good fun.

this morning the snow had melted some and it was raining lightly but we did some sledging and that was good.

tonight we set off fireworks… and yep. that is it.

i return the fourth, as said many times before.. so i’ll see ya all then…. lovely school and college crap to get back too.. *sigh*

oh well, c’est la vie, eh?

(thats french billy…)

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