Written by Emma on December 27th, 2003

The Ice We Skate

is gettin’ pretty thin

The water’s gettin’ warm

So you might as well swim

My world’s on fiyah

How ’bout yours?

That’s the way I like it

Cuz I never get bored

yes.. i’ve had those lyrics stuck in my head since my brother started requesting that song over and over on the way home from the hartlepool game we went to yesterday. that and the ‘chikkity chinese chicken song’ (barenaked ladies – one week)

so yes. xmas. well. it… was. you know, it existed and all that. it was ok, fun and stuff, went back and forth, really. no snow, it rained. i got various presents, but nothing ub3r-exciting,

and.. fuck this. i dont feel like writing anymore………….

suddenly things are so worrying.. and i dont understand…

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