Written by Emma on December 21st, 2003

It’s Damn Cold

yes, cold. it snowed last night/today, leaving about 2inches on the ground. it’s the first sticking snow of the year, though it says it’ll warm up & melt tomorrow, and there’ll be no white xmas for us, which sucks.

oh yea… hi. i arrived safely and all that. got bumped up to business class, which was awesome, because the seats recline all the way back into beds. i slept pretty much the whole flight cuz it’s so damn comfortable, being able to lie down and all. usually i glue myself to the tv and stay up most of the time, but this time i only watched the little channel with the map and velocity and outside temp and all that. it made me mad cuz it told me we’d be in an hour earlier than we actually were, and those things are usually kept pretty accurate.

it was a 9 hour flight, even though we had a good tailwind.

so we arrived and stuff, and took a whistlestop tour of london via the victoria station express (train) and a taxi that dropped us off at the giant (real) xmas tree in trafalger square that’s donated by norway every year. then a taxi & train back, a 45 minute nap in the hotel, a rush to the newcastle flight, an hour sit on the runway, a huge drop cuz of turbulence while taking off that made everyone scream, and arrival an hour later. then an hour drive to the cottage. tiring.

main point of my post: i have no phone yet, so if you’ve sent texts, i havnt got them. i dont know how long they bouce around looking for me, so i donno if i’ll ever get them. so.. er.. yea.. i’ll try and let know somehow when i get the phone.

good luck, talk to you all later. au revior and all that…

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