Written by Emma on December 18th, 2003

I’m A Drivin’ Mofo


in my last post i left off one big thing, cuz i’m stupid, and i post too late at night…


i’m sooo freakin happy. i am. even if i did forget about it.. yesterday i drove myself to LOTR and back again, and this morning I’m getting to drive myself to school to check in for french, then go buy some stuff at the store. (after that I have to pack, tho) SO YES! the em can drive! lol.. i remember in 8th grade after a newspaper staff meeting i met kathy (she was on the staff, of course, i wasnt, of course) and she told me about how they’d spent a lot of their time talking about me and how they couldnt see me grown up.. especially driving!

well, i might have been the last one to get my drivers license in my little groupie.. but i got it! and i’m not such a bad driver, either… X D X D X D

ok.. so i let this post sit all day long.. so i did take the car out this morning and drive to school. all went well, but i was worried a bit that with my luck that the 7 minutes i spent in the school would be when the security guard discovered my moms car (of course) doesnt have an LHS sticker and i was parked in the LHS parking lot. but eh, of course, the chances of that are pretty much nil since the security guards couldnt be bothered, and i cant blame em. so i checked into french, felt really cool walking around with car keys, and took my turtle to give to mrs.love (bio teacher) to care for over xmas break.. but just before i got to her room then tri called and said he was waiting with kathy, and would i like to join him, mel, and kathy in getting boba tea? so i said sure, i’d call him back as soon as i had turned in the turtle. i couldnt call him back cuz he doesnt have a cell phone, and neither do k or mel… he was using some third-persons. so…. i headed back to my car (now parked in a visitor spot near the comp sci door) and listened to the radio…. and waited.. and drove to the student parking lot.. and waited.. and drove around, trying to find tri’s van.. and waited.. and drove to walgreens and bought some stuff my mom’d asked me to… and waited.. and went to eckards by big lots and bought other stuff that they didnt have at walgreens.. and waited.. and FINALLY just as i was about to give up and go home i got a call from oj.. well.. they had been waitin outside my room throwin sticks at my window. lol. so we decided to go look for boba tea.

kathy rode with me, and we followed tri, who is not a very good leader… ‘HEY LETS CHANGE LANES 20 FEET FROM A LIGHT WITH 10 OTHER CARS AROUND US… RIGHT…. NOW!!!!!!’ ‘AHH FUCK KATHY WHAT’S HE DOING??’ ‘AHH I DONT KNOW EMMA!!’ ‘AHH I’M GOING TO HIT THAT CAR!!’ ‘AHH EMMA WATCH OUT!!’ [unison] ‘WHAT THE FUCK TRI!!!!’

sooo.. we arrive at one boba tea joint and… it’s closed. so we drive another ages to another one and… it’s closed. i’m starving (no breakfast), so we decide to go to sonic cuz kathy wants a slushie. me, i want real food, so i pull off and go to arbys.. kinda on the way. oj thinks we’ve evaporated, so calls us to tell us we’re not at sonic. we, knowing this, tell him we’re on our way, we’re at arbys. finally, we meet up at sonic and they all order and i eat my luvly arbys. yummmmm!

then we head home. end.


SOOO the other big news is that i got a DDR adaptor and DDR mat from my mom as an ‘early bit of xmas’. which means i can take it to britain with me and ddr to my laptop (pretty.. mm.. laptop..). i’m happy, but i SUCK because, of course, i just got it, and i’ve not had time to practice…

so yea.. finally.. LOTR!!! dont worry, i wont say much.. cept for it’s really good! i managed to pay attention the whole time, and though it does seem to end and then restart a couple too many times at the end, it was really good. it’s such a feast of the senses, as i was saying to kathy today.. you just sit there and let all it wash over you.. it’s so pretty.. and sounds so good.. and *shivers*.. yes.. hehe. ^.^

there was one scene i didnt like.. the one with frodo in the dark cave with ‘her’ (there.. that doesnt spoil anything, right? actually.. it’s sounds kinda kinky, but you know it cant be cuz.. it’s LOTR, lol).. i thought it was.. eh.. not very well coordinated.. i kept wincing because it seemed rather childish.. but eh.. other than that it was great.. and dude.. i want that thing that arwen wears at the end.. that headband thing??? SO DAMN PRETTY!! i fell in love with it first time i saw it.. i’m so wearing that on my wedding day…. : )

so yea.. go see it… as if you had to hear it from me.. lol

i realised today i’m getting way to used to technology… i put a tape (yes! as in ‘cassette tape’ !) in my stereo and waited a minute before realising no little box saying ‘what would you like windows to do with this cd?’ was going to pop up………

so.. back to packing.. but never fear! two weeks is hardly anything, i’ll be back soon ^.^

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