Written by Emma on December 17th, 2003

Amniocentesis Means Stabbing Babies


Do You Have Mastoptosis? Maybe You Need Cephalorrhaphy…

merry christmas!!




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be all happy and stuff that you got that, cuz it took a lot of boring tweaking to get it to look right : P

so yes! the xmas season is here and all that good stuff… we finally got decorations up on saturday due to my sister wanting them and having the time. i spent my weekend finishing my TU application so i can mail it in. yar.

let’s see.. what’s been going on in EmWorld since i last posted…? eek. it’s been a whole week.. sorry sorry… la vie.. c’est vite!

so finals are coming.. i should be exempt from all… i’d better be, cuz i havent been studying.. man, gotta love exemptions. on monday i went on my last HOSA rotation for the semester and was put with this nurse in station 41 who grew up in yorkshire, near sheffield, in england. that was really cool, since i spent the whole time talking with her about england and stuff, and she told me the names of some stores where i can get british food.

monday was also sightreading in orchestra.. fairly boring and unexciting.. and a test in physics. yea.. i failed that test. see, i assumed it woudlnt be over what he didnt actually teach us.. but of course, i was wrong : P

today.. lessee…. english was boring.. i recited my to be or not to be speech, then picked my reading book for next semester (1984 – George Orwell), then sat around writing my xmas cards while joking with k&e.; french was good like that too.. we had a food day. some people brought crépes & nutella & powdered sugar.. we had some brownies.. some créme puffs.. and sean harla (who would have guessed he could cook??) baked us a lovely buche de noel. so it was.. pure sugar day. i spent my time eating, talking to kelly baxley (britney baxley’s little sister… britney was in my french 1 & 2 classes… sometimes missing a year of something puts you in a whole ‘nother generation..) about doctors & operations, writing xmas cards more, and watching ‘the santa clause’ in french.

tomorrow there’s first and third period finals.. SUX FOR THE UNDERCLASSMEN!! X D.. which for me is HOSA and orchestra… so.. nothing. in HOSA we’re taking two vocab quizzes to catch up with being behind for some reason, and then finishing ‘and the band played on,’ a good movie about the history and discovery of AIDS… good stuff. some of it is french/subtitled english, too, so i can brush up on that mon francais…

then is orch.. we’re gonna sightread (blah), then the underclassmen get to take a fun 5 question final with stuff like ‘what is your name?’ ‘who is your director?’ ‘when was the 1812 overture written?’, etc. and i’ll probably work more on xmas cards, or read my reader’s digest. mm.. reader’s digest..

i’m hungry now.. i feel like eating some taco bell… yum.. taco bell…

so tomorrow i go to see LOTR. should be fun and good and all that stuff.

friday.. dreaded friday… i leave for the great U of K. the plane’ll leave like.. 4 or so.. so airport like.. 2 or so.. i’ll be coming back on the sunday before school starts (it starts on a tuesday). i’ll be able to get online sometimes, so send an email & watch for me on aim. i’ll be 6 hours ahead of you though, so i might be on at ‘weird’ times.. like from 12-3pm US time. i might or might not have the use of a cell phone/aim on phone/text messages.. we’ll have to see. hopefully there’ll be snow, that’ll be cool..

so i’ll post when i can, but i’m not gone yet! well i’m talking to someone cool on the phone now.. so i’m going to shut up and post this… maybe more later.. : )

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