Written by Emma on December 9th, 2003

Doe, Jane #2 15/F Head Wound, Amnesia

I just got back from a disaster drill at Arlington Memorial! pretty much this is how they test if the hospital can take a large amount of people coming in at once. so we all dress up with blood and gore and fake stories (school bus accident) and march off to the emergency room to act out our injuries. i had a huge facial cut and i couldnt remember anything at all. it was fun to act out, they sat me down and started asking me questions and i stuttered and stammered and told them i didnt know, but my face hurt, could they please stop it from hurting? here’s a picture:

i’m holding up my arm so you can see my wristband they gave me.. since i couldnt remember my name it says ‘doe, jane #2.’ they guessed my age at 15…. *sigh*… oh well. they wheeled me (in my nifty wheelchair) up to ICU (they had an argument about this, one lady thought i wasnt serious enough to go) and asked me more questions. they told me they’d be giving me a CAT scan if it was real and that they couldnt give me any pain medication since i couldnt remember if i was allergic to anything. then they relased me, since they couldnt act out any more without actually starting an IV on me or something, and salil, a girl who i know but cant remember he name right now, and I wheeled ourselves back down to the room where we were all meeting afterwards to report to the AMH execs on how their staff did. i ran into a wall and someone deemed me unsafe to be driving a wheelchair so he ended up wheeling me most of the way (comforting, now that my drivers license is mere days away, eh?).

as many of you might have noticed (or not) i changed up my little link menu on the side over there –>

firstoff.. dont anybody take this personally, please! the lists didnt look visually organised to me.. so i changed them around till they did. i put all the xangas and the livejournals together (but of course, blogs had to be listed first.. : ) ) and chanced the ‘little brother section’ to the ‘sophomore’ section, since i know them all better now. but that made me think.. next year, do i move all the current sophomore’s blogs to the main section and put the current college freshman’s blogs in the ‘sophomore’ section? : P i added a link or two too, or updated the name.

oh.. and that weird section for frank is just there till i decide what exactly i want to do with my menu. : )

moving on.. tri has requested i post this lovely variation of a well-known shakespearian soliloquy that i helped him start and he finished:

Tri is crazy: To fuck, or not to fuck; that’s the question.

Tri is crazy: Whether ’tis nobler to listen to your brain or your penis

Tri is crazy: To suffer the intorlerable pain of tension and foreplay

Tri is crazy: Or to take arms against teh frictioned shaft

Tri is crazy: To fuck, to love – what’s the difference?

coming to you straight from your salutatorian.. heh heh…

dunno how many of you have heard this, but i thought it was funny, so if you havnt, type ‘miserable failure’ (no quotes) into Google and hit ‘i’m feeling lucky.’ funny stuff.

oh yea.. and earlier we had some problems with the comments and them showing that i had none when i had 4 or so, so dont trust them, they’re lying bastards, but they seem to be fixed now.

the blood drive went well, though i have no numbers or anything to bore you with. i took the ‘put a little texan in everyone’ sticker and modified it to say ‘put a little mad cow disease in everyone,’ because i’m still mad at them. i worked 1st and second period, and lunch, and was exhuasted afterwards. my heart rate got really strange, but it’s back to normal now, so no worries.

that’s about it from this end… orch concert tomorrow night at 7, show up and get free cookies and stuff.

‘eat fresh, breathe friendly, drive happy’ – life mottos brought to you by subway, tictacs, and alamo

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