Written by Emma on December 4th, 2003

Fun Stuff To Do This Week… X D

ok, i’m keepin it fast and short!

firstoff, Carter Blood Care Blood Drive is on Friday at Lamar in the library, as usual. If you go to Lamar, grab a sheet from mrs.key’s door (two rooms down from mrs.abel’s), fill it out, and put it in the other envelope on her door. If yer not a current Lamar student (jeeze, poor you) you should donate anyway if you possibly can. just show up, and that’s about it.

i’ll be workin first and second period, so i’ll keep ya company if you come while i’m there, drop by and say hi and give some blood.. s’all good! : P

you should also get your parents to come down and donate.

all ya gotta do to donate is be >=17, weigh >=110lbs, be off all antibiotics for 24 hours, have had no body piercing/tattoos in the past year, and not have visited britain for a cumulative total of 3 months from 1980 to 1996. (check out more eligibility here)

(guess which one stops me from donating.. and they dont even think mad cow can be passed on through blood!…)

if you’re gonna donate, drink uber-loads of water before you do, so you can maintain a good blood pressure after you’re missin the blood, and you wont feel as sick, mmk? also, jeezus people, eat breakfast. i never understood why it’s so cool not to, but if you’re gonna donate blood, please do! as if people dont tell you that enough, nobody listens anyway.

and yes, you get free cookies & doughnuts.

second, orch concert is next tuesday the 9th, so show up cuz it’s the holiday concert and thats always cool. also, i sit 2,2,4,4, which is very good for me. plus, they should have cookies and punch at the end….. it’s the same night as the HOSA x-mas party.. but that doesnt really mean much to most of you.

so see? two events with free food. i wonder if we combined the two we’d get more donors…

so come. give blood and enjoy the music, you know you want to.

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