Written by Emma on November 17th, 2003

To Make Fickity Fick

yea yea.. i know i posted recently, and i have absolutely nothing more to post about. i’m just sittin in comp sci 8th period and being boooorrreeeddd… ><;; via netware message send i converse with billy somewhat, but he's, you know, actually in class and stuff so, you know, he has to do stuff like 'pay attention‘ and ‘learn‘ and crazy shit like that. so while this class is being attentive and while i dont feel like being productive, i am being bored.

while(Period8Class.Attentive() && !Em.Productive() )


      Em.Status = bored;


i think someone went into my head and turned my brain off. i’m exhausted. i couldnt think to save my life right now, i swear. blah.

tonight hopefully i’ll go see the play.. Alice in Wonderland starring (as far as i’m concerned) Emilah Dahling. the whole cast switches out.. so there’s two casts.. and i was worried that perhaps emily wouldnt be performing today, but turns out the other queen failed on her report card, so she’s the only one left! bwahaha. so that should be fun. might pick up ian (if he’s allowed to go) on the way. maybe billy too, depending. fun stuff. i’d pick up pablo but he’s so far away.. though i could use the driving time…..

i want my license sooo badly. now that i’m hanging with a gang that are all underclassmen and cant drive (ians bday is in may, billy’s in june, and pablo’s green card got confiscated by the govt, so he cant get his) it is imperative i get my license asap. it’s funny to look around (even when out with kathy and the sophs) and realise i’m the oldest one.. what a change! lol. eh, c’est la vie (that’s french billy)

i’m really happy cuz i got a 790 on my SAT II Bio, which made me feel happy. my writing is yet to be graded (hopefully i did half-decently) but i did bad on the math (600). it was the last section i did tho, so i knew when i was taking it i was doing badly.. my brain was fried and it was taking me way too long to do simple things. i’ll take it again and i’m pretty sure i can raise that score quite a bit.

i made a 98 on my catch-22 oral presentation in english. i’d say that was pretty good for having done it off the cliff notes. i’m finishing reading the book.. i just ran out of time before i had to do the essay and the project. i made a 100, actually, but got -2 for saying ‘ass,’ as in, ‘he’s pretty much trying to save his own ass.’ or something along those lines…

still 20 minutes left of class!! blah. random blogging topics.. trying to think.. brain not working… *head implodes* i dont know. life is all weird right now. i’m fucking some things up really badly and they’re hanging over my head and have been bugging me all day. ale, i’m sorry. i was being a bitch last night, i dunno why. you’re right, tho. *sacrifices young bulls for forgiveness* im’a try and redeem myself… : /

haha.. they’re workin on the tower of hanoi.. i remember workin on that…

i’m hungry, and my head hurts. not really sure why for either one.

i renamed my b-day lunch crew. of the juniors, the blonde one is now The Nazi, because he looks like a nazi. the other one (brown hair) is The Halfbreed, cuz he’s half messican and half whiteboy, but he doesnt look messican. pablo is, of course, The Messican. billy is Juden or The Jew.. cuz he’s blonde and has some weird colored light eyes. ian is The British one or Man U Sux. maybe thats not a name, but eh, it works (and it’s true)

seven more minutes to kill. it’s not been too bad, has it? tripp imed me and billy stopped learning so i have got some distraction.

i found out emilah dahling’s bday was on saturday!! i feel bad because i didnt know. so today during english i took a dollar from myself and wrote all over it and colored it in highlighter. it was her birthday dollar which she then pinned to her shirt. people will give her money all day and it will be my present to her.. a money-making scheme. i’m so nice. X P. but i do feel bad for missing her birthday… so here emilah, pour tu!:

Happy Birthday Emilah Dahling!

one minute left! ok, i’m out!

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