Written by Emma on November 16th, 2003

Life as a Sim and Horny Cats

dad is gone. exhausted. he’s asking gerdt (his millionaire best friend and boss who attended UTAustin for a while) to buy me a jeep. i mentioned this to my mom and i’m not sure what her reaction was. so we’ll see if em gets a jeep or not. it’d be pretty cool.

somehow convinced my dad to take me to frys yesterday and got some nice new sony headphones (street style) while lusting over the flatscreen my mom still owes me. then we went to tony romas (good stuff) where my dad and i devoured two full slabs, a baked potato, fries, and two corn on the cobs. damn. i love tony romas.

then we proceeded back to the hotel to watch ‘pirates of the caribbean’ which is an awesome funny movie. i want to be a pirate when i grow up. (if i grow up…)

you can thank the lack of description of my second dream the other night to blogger loosing the rest of my post. it was about me being chased by people trying to kill me and my little sisters/brother. i defeated one of them by kicking him hard between the legs. fun stuff, but shit scary at the time. i actually had the dream twice in a row, once with my mom, stepdad, elizabeth, little sisters, and kenneth (yes i have lots of weird dream with mixes of my family members) and once with my sophomores, ian, billy, and pablo. go figure.

watched most of ‘hackers’ today at ians house. funny stuff.. so old! t’was nice to relax for a while after this stressful week.

now i’m going to go play sims. i can now continue the game i left off when Psyche (silver samsung laptop) broke. i killed off some wife and her daughter so the husband can marry another girl of mine i like better. i’m so evil. i love power trips.

lotp: when cats are left home alone…. (i love the end.. )

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