Written by Emma on November 15th, 2003

When You Dream…

So far, so good. since my sister ran out things have been going smoother. not a hella lot, but some. enough to make life that little bit more standable. well stuff blah school sleep eat food argue ignore zone out school sleep blah blah blah yadda yadda etc etc. look forward to being with friends, look forward to sunday, look forward to next friday. blah blah blah more yadda yadda etc etc yadda.

i’ve been having weird dreams. i figure thats the only thing worth posting on right now, so thats what i’m posting about. thursday night i had this very strange dream. everybody i know at school was there.. all of class of 2004, anyway. it was some pool party so everyone was in swimsuits and towels. for some reason i wasnt really hanging out with my friends, instead i was with a group of people i only know as aquaintences. but i remember wondering where my sophomores and ian were, and i remember kathy askin where ian was. that was pretty much the dream.

last night, though, i had some fucked up dreams. the first one was in england in the sinderhope trekking center, which is where we go to go horseback riding when we’re over there. i was waiting in the little room inside when my sister came running in saying that she’d already been riding. i was mad cuz i hadnt been able to go yet and so i went into the barn to see if there were any horses saddled up for me to ride. when i got in there were two horses standing there (this is what i noticed at first) so i patted them. then i noticed one had a horse strapped onto its back, so i went to pet it, but i realised it was dead. well, that’s pretty disturbing. so i step back and notice there’s dead horses strapped to the walls. being just a little freaked out by this, i ran back into the living room. i sat there for a while wondering why all these dead horses were around, then i crept back into the barn to see if they were still there. they were kind of gone. hanging from the roof in the middle of the room (where the two standing horses had been) was a horses head, and there were horsese heads hanging from all the walls.

since my sister’d left, i was all alone on this farm place and so i ran outside to the little yard place to see if anyone was there. there were like a zillion dogs running around, puppies, so i petted them to make sure they were real and not dying and then i saw this little person running up some stairs. there was an old old building you see, really more of a roman ruin or something, with stairs embedded in one of the outside walls. they were just stones sticking out of the wall, and had no railing. first i thought the little person was my brother kenneth, so i ran up the stairs after him shouting for him to wait, because i wanted to find out where everyone was. he kept running, i kept running, then i heard my brothers voice from underneith me saying (among many things) ‘those stairs arent very stable, they’re going to collapse soon.’

i realised that the little person i was chasing was one of my little sisters, and that just made me run faster because i was afraid she’d fall over the side of the stairs. then, true to my brother’s statement, the stairs started to give way. my sister started falling and i started falling, and then i woke up with a start. it was a bad disturbing dream. it took me a while to get back to sleep….

when i finally did i had another dream

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