Written by Emma on November 10th, 2003

Take a Deep Breath and Scream (Revised)

i’m alive, but barely. BLAH. firstly, i just would like to say thank you to all who are making my time more bearable and putting up with rather limited convos with me over my cell so i dont go insane : )

here also: a link to my completion of the thing that billy posted

aiya. aiyaiya.


let’s see… this weekend was mostly bad. my dad came on friday and i found out no one had informed him that my sister wouldnt be there cuz she was off running area cross-country in lubbock. so i got yelled at for that. so then my grandmother gave me a hella nice guilt trip about not giving my dad a present on his bday while my dad yelled at my stepdad about something or another. so friday night we ate at chic-fil-a and went to bed. i stayed up a while chatting on my cell to ian and a little to gentry.

saturday i am awaken at 8:30 because my dad doesnt believe in sleeping in. we have a hotel breakfast, then i get a huge long lecture/yelling at about how i have too much confidance for my own good and how dare i defy the system that has been in place and has worked for 10 years, etc etc. he talks about how the only people who have any say in what happens this summer are him and me and me only if i fit into his plans… how what elizabeth wants doesnt matter, and how my mom shouldnt be encouraging us to change things. then he goes on to say about how talking to a family therapist wont help anybody and how he’s going to refuse changing the contract. he pisses me off but i sit silently and take it, since there’s no point in saying anything cuz i know he’ll just overpower me. so we’re late to see this therapist guy, and then my dad decides he wants to talk to him instead of me (who the appointment was made for) and i end up getting about 15 minutes in which to explain everything thats going on and stuff to this guy. blah.

so then we head to the stockyards and have some lunch (ribs that were nasty) and my dad buys some old movie poster for $85 he thinks he can resell for about 5 times as much in britain.

we head back to the hotel, i do some hw, then i go out with ian, kathy, insane billy, and tim from austin to see matrix reloaded. when kathy called from reception to say she was here i was so happy to get away i ran full speed (i havnt run that fast in years) from my room to the lobby. AHH! ESCAPE AT LAST!!! so we picked up ian, then insane billy and tim from austin and headed to lowes. t’was fun. for more detail see ian’s xanga (ew.. xanga!!). then dropped everyone off home and on the way back to the hotel my mom calls and we argue about my dad and i complain about stuff. my sister gets home late from lubbock and ends up spending the night at home (lucky) and not coming over till noon sunday.

sunday we get up, have breakfast, and i start workin on hw. i work all day w/o lunch cuz my dad isnt hungry. about 6 we have dinner at outback steakhouse and i have my first ever steak. rather dissappointing if you ask me… find out jacob works there, didnt know that.

come home, stay up late working.

monday get up, eat small breakfast, go to hospital, come back to school, celebrate a lot at my return to my house and eat a large lunch while doing a lot of other stuff. return early and find out there’s a test in orch… but luckily it’s been cancelled *phew*

stayed up late last night to finish stupid engilsh proj but had a chance to get online and really talk to people, which was fun. well bell about to ring so g2g but hopefully i’ll post again later tonight at the HOSA meeting if i can… byebye!

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