Written by Emma on November 7th, 2003

Brace Thyself…

well ok, you (lucky person) do not have to brace yourself. i do, and am. my dad is coming tomorrow and i’m just.. ARGH. i have so much shit to get done this weekend i know he’s gonna yell at me for having so much hw… like it’s my fault. plus it’s another week of sneaking adderall and another week of hearing him moan about my general hw load. not much internet access will i have, not much access to friends in general. you can call my cell but my talking for very long is only a maybe… better chances with my mobile sn. but dont forget if you send too much i dont get it, and if you send things too fast they scroll out of my memory, so i dont see them. plus it takes me longer to type, so keep that in mind.

the other thing i’m dreading about my dad coming is that my mom’s trying to take steps to change the custody agreement between her and my dad. this means the two of them have to go to a family therapist and talk things over. this means the two of us (libby and i) have to go to a family therapist and talk things over. ARGH. i know i’ll never hear the end of this from my dad, or my grandmother (who is also coming). *sigh* i guess i hope at least that something will be fixed so that elizbeth and i have more say in when we come over instead of just going by these set rules that my dad can take advantage with. *sigh again*

i’m just sick of having to deal with all this shit. it exhausts me just thinking about it. i hate the way my dad and grandmother use guilt trips like mofos and i hate the way his money forces us to do what he wants so much. i hate the fact that i feel i’m wasting my numbered weekends as a senior sitting with him in a hotel room. i hate the fact i feel that no matter what else i do my life still seems to revolve around my visits to see him.


…in other news, my silver samsung laptop is fixed. it broke about 3 months ago (i only got it 4 months ago) and finally, it’s fixed. i am muchos happy. so maybe i will be able to get online sometimes when i’m at the hotel. those of you who’ve seen my laptop know it’s a freaking awesome laptop… so yes, it’s nice to have it working again, i must admit.

lastly, some convos are up on the site, so here you go

hopefully i’ll be able to post some during 8th period during the week… but with the blocks i might not be able to read any comments i get or read anybody else’s blogs. blarg.

link of the post: not too much this time, sorry

well, wish me luck.

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