Written by Emma on November 5th, 2003


Well it appears that the nazis’ve started blocking livejournals, xangas, and blogs at school. so no longer can i spend my happy 8th period truely catching up on everybody’s posts. this sux0rz. i’m gonna have to find a way around this… even though reading ar00n and bob’s blogs over and over is very entertaining…. you know me, i always want more : P . i think it’s the fact that ‘livejournal’ ‘xanga’ or ‘blogspot’ are in the url… something along those lines. viewing through oj’s ‘blog collective’ doesnt help, so any suggestions to get around yet another stupid nazi block from all you smart people would be greatly appreciated…

a funny little blip at lunch today:

Em: My life is like this… [makes a sloping downward motion with hand]

Tri: Aww… would you like a rope?

Em: [Looking taken aback] What, so I can hang myself?!?

Tri: NO!! So you can pull yourself back up!!

Em: …Oops. I did think that was rather evil of you…


Remember, remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason, and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!

Click the pic for more info on what Guy Fawkes Day is and why it’s uber-cool. the poem is well-known, but my dad used to say it to me a lot when i was little.

more nazi swastika tic-tac-toe has been ensuing, this time with ian… perhaps even more evil than previous matches with drew:

for english I’m reading catch-22 and it is really good. it’s takes place during ww2, and ww2 had the nazis… and this post seems very nazi-themed so i though i’d mention i’m reading catch-22. i only wish i had more time cuz i’m having to really rush through it to get it read in time. damn school.

and also, i forgot to give you a ‘link of the post’ for that last post.. so here you go, sticking with the evil and nazi theme: blode, food, griblit, and hairy. (referenced to in this convo.)

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