Written by Emma on October 20th, 2003

And They Came in Droves…

Schwa, i definately have more than nothing to post about today. Firstly, i’ll get this out of the way by saying click here for the droves. What are the droves, you ask? Click and find out, i tell you. (Translation: Hell, i dont know, i just thought it sounded cool.)

So moving right along to the main piece of news, I’m sitting in comp sci postin the post below and decide to check my references. I discover that I’m getting a lot of people coming from the same place…. so i go there, of course. Well turns out it’s this fairly big site that reads DFW area blogs, and they quoted my blog and linked me. Hellz yea! So that really made my day. So to return the favor I’m linkin you to FrontBurner at D Magazine (though i cant say i have that much pullin power to get them hits : P ).

Today was good also because I understood calculus, avoided a quiz in french by having a random metal detector check, wore my new ubercool pants, and got my driver’s permit renewed.


XTeamWriter1: SEE

XTeamWriter1: HA



Loweaugen: what point?

XTeamWriter1: that when things can’t get any worse they get better

XTeamWriter1: so HA


Loweaugen: hmm


…But on the downside I am getting sick and I didnt do my english HW cuz i didnt think it was due.

I did get an awesome windowblind theme to go with my ‘ed’ theme. I’ll post pictures soon.

Lastly, i leave you with this link to this awesome game/thing i found. To some of you this may not be new, but it’s worth playing again.. and again.. and again… teehee. For those of you who attempt to play… remember, think outside the cube! have fun : P


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