Written by Emma on August 25th, 2003

well. i was going to have a really nice thoughtful post here that was all deep and shit, but i want to use some kind of ‘expand text’ thing with it, and i’m far too tired to look one up or try and comprehend asking someone about it. so, maybe another day, though if i dont do it now…. it’ll prolly never get done.

instead, you get this super-interesting convo between me and bry:

freezefire666: man i replaced my toothbrush batteries

freezefire666: FUCKING HELL

freezefire666: i thought the thing was gonna explode

AmidalaLover5000: lol

freezefire666: i was like SHIIIIIIIIIITTTT

AmidalaLover5000: lol

freezefire666: then i realised that was normal

freezefire666: and i’d been running it on nearly-dead batteries way too long

AmidalaLover5000: ah

freezefire666: so yea

freezefire666: my teeth feel uberclean

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