Written by Emma on August 18th, 2003

well. the first day of school. um. yes. wow.

it went ok i guess, it was nice to see everyone i havnt seen in a while, like tri, theresa (jr) and others. didnt see my sister all day (such a loss) or pablo (wouldnt actually mind seeing him) but overall the day went well. clinical rotation is prolly my fave class so far just cuz.. i donno. it’s freeish, friendly, and i’m one of 4 seniors.. but it’s ok, it makes me special, not doing something later than everyone else. plus mrs key likes me so that’s always a plus. orchestra seems ok, though i feel very out of place with all the sophmores, freshmen, & jrs. theresa’s there tho and we’re good friends, so it’s cool. that english guy who always wears the manchester shirt is in that orch too, though i dont know him hardly at all. physics looks like it wont be an easy class.. i’ll have to work… *groan*. i feel really out of place in that class since there’s only 4 seniors but it’s more of a feeling of.. why didnt you do this last year?? the girl i sat next to today seemed fairly nice, and leann (?) a (jr) girl i know from orch last year sits in front of me. frank (alé’s bro) is in there too which just makes me feel all the younger : P. being in a class with your bfs younger brother… hm….

english seems very cool. me, emily, and kathy are all in the same class, with skye, mel, and tri and a whole load of cool people with us. i think i’ll be able to manage that class ok even if it is work. french is scary just cuz.. well.. i’ve forgotten almost all the french i’ve taken. plus i’m walking into this little clique that’s gone through french together for the last 2 years.. so they’re kinda looking at me like.. ‘wtf are you doing here, girl?’ calculus looks hard. it might not look so hard if there werent so many freaking people in the class!! like 40 or something. god. too many.. far too many. i’d switch class periods if i could.. but i cant.. argh!! i hope everyone drops. cept me. and kathy. and maybe cool people like mel and tri. yea. that’s good. i’m afraid my grades will suffer cuz of sheer volume.. i’m not a math wizz in the best conditions : ( . mr bond seems awesome though. eighth period i have off, but i cant go home cuz my ride is with my sister & two of her friends who live nearby (kelsi peck and mimi bui, tien’s sister) and they, of course, dont have 8th period off. so i went to comp sci and claimed my seat for the fourth year. yuri and matt (god i feel bad for not knowing if that’s his name.. i only went to elementry school with him..) were in there, cuz it’s comp sci 2, and yanchi (sp?) was in there for comp sci 3 indep.study. i think i might take comp sci 4 indep study during that class.. could be a laugh, and it’d mean i still had my comp sci account X D

so yea. i would be looking forwards to calc so much more if it wasnt for the overflowing class. it’s really bugging me in the back of my head. last year in precalc we had a little class and i really think that’s part of why i did so well for the first time in a long time. i guess i do better in smaller learning environments. well hey! there’s a step towards where i’ll go to college. ok well that’s my required college step this week.. : P

but i donno… school is such a boring road after such an exciting summer.. a jump from extremes.. a flat path compared to the ups and downs, the excitement and unexpectedness that makes summer all that it is. on the way home i was thinking.. ‘what now?’ for the normal excitements of summer have gone, and i cant even really look forwards to seeing my friends so much, since that landmark has been passed. now it’s just.. back to work. but i donno. i can look forwards to seeing alé whenever he comes down, and to whatever weekend mischiefs might arise with the gang. plus there’s things like HOMECOMING which is september 5th for those of you blessed enough not to have to listen to mr jones ramblings anymore (and those of you who though you are supposed to, dont). so hey sr people, come back for homecoming. chances of me being on the hc court are slim, so i cant promise the trinity outfit. but hey it’ll be like the first reunion or somethin. i’d tell you all to come back and vote, but that’s next week so that’s kinda pointless since most of you will be far too far away by then to come back just to vote.

so but yea. come back for homecoming. prolly the group that’s here is gonna do something weird cuz there’s no point in not making an impression in some disturbing way.

listening to daft punk makes me think of summer! argh. memories of driving around in alé’s car to see cool people and movies, and go to lans, drew’s movie nights, and filming in the movie.

OMFG can you BELIEVE that quakecon ended YESTERDAY?????? it seems like a lifetime away!!! i’m still getting over it.

so yea. that’s about all thats in my head today. i’ll prolly post again later tonight. oh yea.. and i’ll post the pics kk&e; and i took on friday night online sometime.. when i’m not so lazy.. : P

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