Written by Emma on April 9th, 2003

lol.. just a quick post today.. this really happened.. and well.. it’s hilarous. i really had no idea what was going on during this high-tension moment.. and let me just say aroon’s lucky i didnt have time to stop and chat!!!

the aim transcript:

freezefire666: so who is it that’s trying to boycott your plans?

Cheetah200: YOU!

freezefire666: I’M SORRY!!

Cheetah200: mrs. i-like-to-run-up-behind-people-and-smack-them-on-the-head-during-crusial-moments =p

Cheetah200: ; )

freezefire666: oh that was a crucial moment?

freezefire666: hehehe…

Cheetah200: hehe, im jk its cool

Cheetah200: thats when i was asking her

freezefire666: well i releived some tension then

Cheetah200: i was like hey nathalie, i was wondering *SMACK*

Cheetah200: wtf!

Cheetah200: i mean!

Cheetah200: do you have plans for prom?

freezefire666: as you both stared in confusion at my figure fleeing down the hall

freezefire666: lol

freezefire666: god that’s so perfectly me

freezefire666: *shakes head in self-amazement*

freezefire666: only i could time something like that you know

Cheetah200: lol

Cheetah200: this is true

Cheetah200: you ran away so fast i barely knew who it was

Cheetah200: and nathalie had no idea wtf was going on

freezefire666: :-D

freezefire666: me sowee! : )

freezefire666: oh well, you can look back and laugh at it with her

Cheetah200: hehe, indeed i can

Cheetah200: i think she was laughing at it right after it happened even

freezefire666: at least i didnt have time to come over and start :-P talking to you…

freezefire666: how did the smilie get in the middle of my sentence? oh well

Cheetah200: rofl

freezefire666: if i’d not been in such a hurry i’d have come over ‘hey howdy hi aroon what’s up howya doin where ya goin havnt seen ya….’

Cheetah200: lol

freezefire666: aroon: (side of mouth) emma.. go.. get.. go’on.. go..

Cheetah200: shoo fly dont botha me!

Cheetah200: heheh

freezefire666: emma: what huh oh hey last night i was going to im youbut then i didnt and i just talk this way to annoy people and obvioulsy i’m completely oblivious to this moment so i’m going to talk even more!!


freezefire666: so am i allowed to retell this story, or should i keep it lo until further notice?

Cheetah200: tell the whole world im down with it

see? it’s even legal! ^

the away message i’ve made from the events:

[Emma runs down hallway in a hurry]

Aroon: So.. Nathalie..

[Emma notices Aroon, but not having time to talk, decides to say hi another way]

Aroon: I was wondering -

[Aroon gets slapped on the back of the head by Emma, saying hello]

Aroon: WTF?!?!

[Emma runs down hallway, oblivious]

Aroon: I mean!.. Um.. Do you have plans for prom?

another great example of my oblivious, yet impeccable, timing. so typically emma.. : )

(i did not know this till i got home)

(ps.. she said yes! go aroon!)

off to HOSA tomorrow.. i’ll be coming back around 8pm, then going back to dallas around 3 on friday… then i’ll be back home around 4-4:30ish on saturday.. whew..

wish me luck!!

and also-

good luck to all the UIL people!!!

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