Written by Emma on March 31st, 2003

hm.. i saw ‘The Graduate’ today.. wow.. two words: deep shit. lol. no, the movie was good.. but.. that kid.. jeeze!! he got himself into a load of trouble with one bad decision, eh? it was a weird movie.. could be happy, could be sad, could be just plain scary. ** I liked the songs in the movie, though. grr i was a bit angry about the quiz. i didnt get.. um.. ‘who made a small appearence who became famous later’ and something else.. i think i got that one right though, it was just kinda.. uncertainty. i’m pretty sure i missed the one about the cameo appearence though. oh well. heh. what will i make now.. a 99.4? hehe.

orchestra.. blah! cuz they’re prepairing for the trip, it’s the trip orchestra only, which doesnt include me. in a way, that’s cool, cuz i get to do what i want (today: make up the first part of ‘Graduate’ i missed on thurs when i was sick), but in a way hearing them play the cool songs i like makes me want to play.. oh well i guess. should be glad for some time to do stuff.. soo freakin busy! i’m hoping this thurs and friday will help ease the load since most teachers arent doing much since so many kids arent here.

i found out they’re hand searching every bag for the orch/band trip. they did it for the HOSA trip but i didnt really think they’d do it for orch/band.. that’s alot of bags! oh well, i’m sure they’ll manage.. somehow.. heh. i dont really see how it could be worth being effective, though.. i mean, it’s gonna be so quick. oh well.. better than no search at all i guess.

today i made a complete fool of myself in APUSH.. i was reading along some paper i printed off the net and i came across ‘rearmament’. i guess i was.. stoned or something because i started sounding it out to emily as ‘rear-ma-ment’ thinking ‘what the hell is that?’ it took me a very sad amount of time to figure out it was ‘re-armament.’ *covers face with shame* oh well.. i can blame it on lack of sleep, and it being a monday! so there you go.. i’m blame free..

not much else going on.. just loads of hw to do.. well no surprise.. i’ve been saving it all up for today..! *exasperated sigh*

i guess what i think of ‘The Graduate’ describes me today..: could be happy, could be sad, could be just plain scary.

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