Written by Emma on March 28th, 2003

I saw ‘The Core’ tonight.. it was an overall ok movie. In my opinion.. they spend too much time killing off the main characters.. i mean.. after the second death you were just waiting for it.. it was like they were looking for excuses to kill their teammates.. ‘oh well he might die so might as well get it over with.’ and the thing about the ‘hard decisions and leadership’ with the girl..? way way to forced.. didnt make any sense, and though they tried to make a plot point of it early on, they never carried it out or finished it, though they made it an excuse for her to kill a guy (with two kids and wife). There were some pretty cool effects though, and some funny lines (and a great face! i mean seriously, in movies they never make the faces you’d really make in real life… and somehow the main character actor guy (you expect me to review a movie using names??!!? you expect too much.) pulled it off! it was great. we were easily the most obnoxious row in there, but it’s ok, cuz everyone around us didnt mind. some people asked us jokingly as we left if we’d been having a good time, it was cool, usually everyone’s so uptight. Though some of the movie was a bit forced, emotional, and.. moralistic-value-teaching-and-learning.. the wit and one-liners were a pretty good compensation. and you gotta love Rat, the hacker of the team.. aw yea he was great lol. THe girl just plain got on my nerves.. in my opinion she shoulda been one of the ones to get killed off.. insteada that awesome french dude for example! am i giving away stuff? oh well. the snob-guy..? he was annoying. but then.. his character was supposed to be like that, so in the end it all came out great. the girl, on the other hand, was supposed to be not annoying. but she was! she could do like anything… blah. it got annoying and old after a very short time. plus her face bugs me for some reason. the spaceship scene was awesomely funny with the workers.. heh. there was a lot of scientific stuff and how they did stuff left unexplained, which might bother some people a whole bunch (chris, aj, probably), but as long as you’re willing to give a bit of slack and not really let it get to you, it’s not too bad (though i did get slightly annoyed at some parts). the bird scene was simply HILARIOUS! oh it was great lol. i know it was supposed to be.. dramatic and stuff.. scary..etc.. but oh man.. i was laughing pretty hard.. hehe. perhaps just because.. it seemed so random! it might not be so funny for those of you expecting it now.. heh, oops, sorry. one thing i liked best was the real casuality of some of the actors.. in one of the first few scenes.. when the french & main guy walk into the fbi room, they’re chatting.. and, i donno.. it seemed very real, not acting scrippted. then their reactions (also pretty funny) seemed.. real! i think it was the the snobguy and the girl who messed it up most. esp the girl. the other guys, to me, at times, really nicely portrayed realistic reactions/comments/actions (in a competely unrealistic situation! lol). especially the look! can i say enough about the look? aw it was great. probably another timing thing, but i havnt told you where it was, so it might stike you as cool as well. but then, maybe its just me. lol.

anyway. that is my review! isnt it messed up? i mentioned one name, isnt that great? Rat. Oh i am a wonderful movie viewer arent i? lol.

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