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Written by Emma on May 28th, 2009

As many of you may have noticed from my frustrated status messages on Facebook, I have been converting my Blogger blog to a WordPress blog. I have a variety of reasons for this, and most of them are boring, but it is giving me a chance to revamp,  regroup, and restart.

You see, for those of you who haven’t caught the word, I’m moving to Edinburgh this fall (no, I don’t know exactly when yet) to start a masters/postgraduate/MSc programme at University of Edinburgh. This is a fairly big event and I want to make sure I have a blog where I can keep everyone updated with my adventures as I figure out how to live independently in Scotland. (While I’ve obviously ‘lived’ there for a long time, it has always been with my dad, so it will be an interesting experience to do independent living in a new country.)

Anyway, I’m having Katie help me with the graphics for the website (they will be kick-ass!) and I’m fiddling around a bit with the layout. I’ve actually done a lot of fiddling, but it doesn’t really show, as most of it is in things you wouldn’t notice unless you are slightly OCD like me. I’m hoping to get the graphics up soon, at which point I will officially open the new blog. Until then I will ensure cross-posting to the old Blogger blog as well. All the old Blogger posts have been imported, so don’t worry, you can still go back and re-read all the shit I’ve written in the past seven years (Jesus).  I’m slowly working through manually tagging many of the posts, though I probably won’t go all the way back, as many of those are almost incoherent babble. One tag I am excited about is ‘fave,’ which I am using to tag my favorite posts*.

Anyway, if you’d like a sneak peak, head over to (yes, I will be buying a domain soon), but please keep in mind that it is still WAY under construction. If you have any input, tips, or suggestions on the design, let me know! Also, if you want to be on the blogroll, let me know, as I realised I’ve been bad at keeping up with people’s blogs!

And with that, I bid thee Aideu.

*If you actually dare to go click on ‘fave’ right now, you will notice that, yes, some of these posts are very depressing/sad. However if I’ve tagged it as a fave it just means there is a feeling, expression, or wording there that I especially like – it doesn’t mean necessarily agree with the post in the present.

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