About Me

My name is Emma. You might want to learn a little more, so here you go…

I was born in Norway, but because my mother is American and my dad is British, I am a dual-citizen of the US and UK. My parents divorced when I was about 4 and we were living in Scotland, and my mom decided to return to the US, while my dad decided to stay in the UK. Growing up, I spent the school year in Texas, with my mom, and every summer and alternating winters and spring breaks with my dad, giving me quite a unique perspective on life, the universe, and everything.

I don’t like either the US or the UK better – they both have good and bad points. I’ve never lived anywhere that I did not come to fully appreciate the wonderful unique traits that make that place special, and subsequently loved it. I still haven’t managed to fully understand all of the minute social and cultural details of either the US or the UK, which leaves me feeling and acting like a foreigner wherever I go.

I enjoy all things computer-related, including gaming, the internet in general, dabbling in web-design, and programming. I’ve been blogging for 7 years and played violin  for 12.

I love travelling, reading, and coming up with well-thought-out arguments for things I believe in. I’m not sure there’s a music genre you won’t find on my iPod. When I take a break to crash in front of the TV, I watch House, Dollhouse, The Office, and SVU (Law and Order), though I also favor National Geographic, Discovery, and Discovery Health. In the UK, I adored Life on Mars and will never say no to Dragon’s Den. I love the millions of documentaries always popping up on British television.

If you dig through the ancient posts on this blog, you’ll notice that yes, I was seriously depressed for a while – but don’t worry, the cause of that is long gone and I’m better than ever. I leave it up simply because there’s no point in trying to erase the past.

I love purple, I love potatoes, and I love cats. I also like purple potatoes. I’m sure I’d also love purple cats and potato cats, but I’ve never had the fortune of meeting one.

I finished my undergraduate degree (BS or BSc Biology) in December 08 – which was a semester late, due to transferring universities halfway through.  During my time at university I fed my strong interest in not only biology, but evolution, sociology, feminism, and computer science. No, I wasn’t pre-med (preparing for medical school), but yes, I was once.

Along with a professor, I was a co-founder and half the staff of my undergraduate university’s free bike program – managing the website, database, maintenance, emails, and checkout/checkin. In 2009 the program won an Environmental Excellence award from the state of Texas. I was also a tutor for the freshman programming class in the computer science department.

I spent the spring semester and summer of ’09 working as a laboratory assistant doing DNA fragment analysis (AFLP) on Sarracenia insectivorous pitcher plants, as well as numberous experiements to find out how they attract prey. My professor and I are beginning to write this up to publish and hope to present at an evolution conference in the summer of 2010. I’m currently completing a masters/MSc degree in quantitative genetics with an emphesis in evolution.

While I have grown up in both countires, translocating from Texas to Scotland and living independantly will be quite an exciting adventure, and in order to take you all along with me, I’ve created this new-and-improved blog.

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