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‘Tis the Season to Evaluate

Friday, December 8th, 2006

3. Do you feel that the objectives of this course have been communicated to you effectively?
The objectives that have been communicated to me during this course are: how to show up completely unprepared to teach a class, how to attempt to teach a class while repeatedly failing to bring the required supplies, how to write and then blatantly disregard your syllabus, how to rely on students to provide you with tools to run your class out of fear that their own grades will suffer due to your incompetence if they don’t, how to expect your students to memorize a thick packet of random facts about jogging one week before the final, how to write a final of one ‘essay’ question, which consists of ‘Define and explain’ followed by seven or eight terms randomly selected from afore-mentioned packet, and how to assign a paper on the day of the final (the Friday before exam week), to be due in five days (in the middle of exam week).

One more reason to love this time of year. I adore praising the teachers who deserve it right out of their socks, and ripping the ones who don’t into small, easily digested pieces.

Now I just wish I could ‘evaluate’ the shit out of my internet provider.

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‘Christmas’ is My Number One Search Term at 7.23%

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

‘Emma’ is 3.54%

Well, my vistor numbers are on the rise. Jumping up a few more each day, a couple each week… We’re halfway through October and I’m already 2/3 to my September total visitors.

Is it because of my awesome posting? A new cluster of followers heading my every word? No. It’s because it’s October. And October is near November, and November is next door to December, and December is Christmas. And everybody thinks my site is Christmas central. Yep. Those mp3 files I posted TWO YEARS AGO are still haunting me.


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I Apologise in Advance

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Hello everybody. Long time no chat, eh? Sorry about that. Everything has been so hectic and crazy. Going to try and post more often now that things have settled down some.

So! 9-11 once again, eh? Unfortunately I didn’t have my blog back then, so I can’t look back and see what I wrote 5 years ago today. Too bad, because that would be interesting. If my memory serves me right, I started my blog just before we declared war on Iraq, though I can’t be bothered to look up a date for that. No posts about that, either, though. Hm. I should try more to post about current events, maybe, so I can look back and see my reactions of the past. Did I post on July 7th last year? Oh yes. I mentioned it briefly. I guess that I decided my posting was enough to confirm I was alive, though, despite getting lots of concern from people at the time.

Well anyway. I can’t help it. It’s the question of the day, isn’t it? It’s all over the papers, the internet, the forums. Where were you five years ago today? Well I know where I was. I was in a chemistry test! Yep. Sophomore chemistry with Mrs. Hill. Oh joy. I was probably failing badly. I remember looking at the clock and thinking ‘shit’ because I didn’t have much time yet, but since it was a test and Mrs. Hill had isolated us from the world, we were all oblivious. Until we exited the class, of course, when the halls were abuzz with all these rumours. Until lunch time I was — Whoa!
Ok. Backtrack. I’m wrong! My memory just flashed back! I was in dance class when I first heard about it, not chemistry. Then I went to chemistry. Since we didn’t have a tv or computer (we used to practice on the stage) only our teacher, Mrs Woods could offer a little info, which was, if I remember right, that a plane crashed into a building. Or, at least, that’s what came across in my head. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I didn’t know what the ‘World Trade Center’ was, being Emma, as usual, and didn’t know it was in New York city. When people said ‘plane’ I was thinking biplane, crop duster, personal plane, little jet. So some trade building has a small-plane sized hole. Well, that’s sad. Probably some people died. And on with the dancing.

In chemistry, now I have to wonder to myself, did Mrs. Hill know or not? I don’t remember anybody saying anything, though people might have exchanged thoughts similar to mine… A complete underestimate of the situation. Nobody seemed worried. If Mrs Hill knew, I guess she didn’t want to say anything so that she wouldn’t have to reschedule the test. Man. I totally should have gone back and said that the trauma of the day made me do badly. Maybe I wouldn’t have done so miserably in that class. Anyway, if anyone was in that sophomore chem class (I guess it started around 9?) and remembers if Mrs Hill said something, I’d like to know.

Man, now I’m really confused, because I was definitely a sophomore in Sept 2001, but I could swear I took dance as a freshman. My memory is crap. But I could swear Mrs. Woods told me about the plane. Oh well. If anyone knows my schedule from soph year, I’d love to hear from you.

Well, one thing I know for sure is that it was at lunch that I started getting worried, because that’s when I met with my friends in Gym C (remember those old days??!) and they explained the real situation. That the planes (now there were 2) were big, and what the World Trade Center was. I remember Bryan and Cameron discussing the probability of DFW getting some kind of attack, and I remember Cameron saying that if there was an attack, he and his boy scout troop were going to volunteer to provide first-aid, which I immediately said I’d do, too. I remember feeling bad for a few days after that because though I didn’t want DFW to be hit, the idea of doing some crazy-rescue first-aid was pretty exciting.

Next thing I remember was that in orchestra Mrs. Todd gave us permission to go home (I guess this came from a higher authority) if we wanted to and our parents were available to pick us up. I remember suddenly remembering that my dad was flying London to Brazil that day and getting worried, since I didn’t know anything about these planes that’d run into the buildings. This was before I got a cell phone, so I got permission to use the phone in the orchestra office to call my mom, who assured me that they were AA planes on domestic flights, not BA on international. I think I remember Tina Sosa being very upset, but I don’t know why, or if I fabricated that.

Anyway, that’s my memories (and non-memories, and confusions) of 9-11 five years ago. I thought that some teacher made me write down about what I was doing at the time later on (you know, for therapy), but if I did, I don’t know what happened to it, which is a shame, because now I’m curious about when I took dance. OH! I guess it was sophomore year. Ok. Well, that clears that up.

One thing that always comes to mind is a thought I had that day. I remember remembering that in 3rd grade we an assignment to go home and ask our parents and our grandparents what they were doing when John F Kennedy was assassinated. On Sept 11, 2001 I wondered if one day, if I was living in America, my kids would come home to ask me what I was doing when the planes hit the buildings and America went crazy. Well, I guess they’ll get a jumbled mess of an answer, just like you got. ; )

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School Starts Monday

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

And I am wishing with every atom in my body that it doesn’t. I was excited. Now I’m already apathetic. Usually it takes me at least 2 weeks to move into that stage… after school starts. Oh well. Another thing that is bugging me is that I have jogging at 8am on Monday and I don’t know whether I’m expected to show up in running clothes the first day or not. Also don’t know if I’ll be given time to shower and change afterwards or if everyone in my next two classes gets a bag of smelly Emma treat.

Also lab. WTF. I hate labs. They’re so long. And consist of so much waiting. Especially in OChem. Hopefully this Fri (yes, I’m so lucky I have Fri lab) will be washing your glassware day, like it was last year at SU. After a yearpointfive of water-acetone-water-soap-water-acetone, I’ve got that pretty well down. My fingers remember well, anyway. Man, they had the best-smelling soap in that ochem lab at SU. There was one, ‘Berry Blast’ or some shit, that smelled like the powdered mix fruit drink shit they used to give us after Sunday School in my old church. Back when we were small enough you could actually give the whole congregation juice without breaking out major army ops.

Tomorrow I’m going to Ikea. Never been there before. Should be an interesting experience, with all the babble I’ve heard about it.

And this dude keeps calling me, at like 9 at night and 7:30 in the morn. Angry cuz I didn’t send him a key. A key? I never knew anything about sending a key, so don’t get angry at me, boy. WTF, a stalker, I hear you say. No. He’s my realtor. I’ll send you a key after I sign a contract saying you aren’t going to fucking burn my house down or some shit, mister. Yea. Don’t rush me. I run this shit. I pay you.

I think I was supposed to type some song lyrics here, but I forgot.

Also, if you need a TV my dad is probably going to make me sell mine, so come and get it. But pay me, damnit. Don’t just take it. That’s mean.

And if you know where I should put this shelf, or where my calendar is (the animal one, not the Happy Family one or the 365 one – I found those), or where to hang the whiteboard in my office, please let me know.


Also, will these nails hold up this coathanger thingy?

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A Story That Made Me Laugh

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

” You know how I learnt my name?
I learnt it the strangest way.
I just was sitting on the toilet, right, and I had my name sewn on the front [inside] of my trousers, right, and I looked at ‘Hodcr*ft’ and I went ‘Hod’ ‘Cr*ft’ and spelt it out, ‘Hod’ ‘Cr*ft’ ‘H-O-D-C-R-*-F-T’ ‘Hod’ ‘Cr*ft’ ’till I learnt it! “
- Alice Hodcr*ft
age 8

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